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Victoria Laurie

My experiences with intuitive information started when I was a young girl. It even helped me evade a child serial killer when I was ten years old! (True story!) But it took me until I was in my early 30’s before I began to trust my abilities enough to pursue a career as a professional psychic intuitive. After following the advice of a friend (a world-renowned psychic medium) I launched my side hustle. Within a few weeks, even I couldn’t deny my talents as so much of what I’d predicted for total strangers had actually come true!
Over the past 25 years, I’ve built up a fabulous clientele with people from all over the world. It’s been so gratifying  to use my intuitive capabilities to provide clients with a future forecast and access to loved ones that have crossed over to the other side.
Interested in scheduling a reading with me? Click here to book a psychic session. I’d be delighted to offer you insights about what lies ahead for you over the next 6 months and connect you to loved ones that have passed. If you’d like to extend my talents to friends and family, you can purchase a gift-certificate here.
I’m also passionate about educating others about psychic phenomena through my classes on Intuition and Mediumship. Everyone has psychic abilities, so I really enjoy mentoring my students on how to tap into their own gifts and guiding them on how to establish their own thriving practice as a psychic intuitive. Classes are offered four times per year. Click here to reserve your spot.


"I have had 3 sessions so far over the past 3 years. What strikes right away is how approachable and relatable Victoria is. It's like talking to that friend you have that is the one who will tell it to you 'straight' but with compassion as well as encouragement. I always have my 5 questions in hand on a notepad. She doesn't ask about them until the end. And by the end you find yourself saying--well hey, you already covered those questions!"

Kristin S.

"I've done sessions with Victoria Laurie for 6 years. After reading her book series, I was convinced she was the real deal . . . I researched her and bought a session! Not only is it amazing to talk to my favorite author, but she feels like an old friend. Her predictions are accurate, and I love that she gives me the good with the bad. She explains the process, gives you a reading, and leaves time for questions. You'll want to have some written down beforehand, and a pad to write down what VL has to say. I keep mine over the years and revel in what has come true. 10 outta 10 recommended!

Katey A.

“Victoria Laurie's live Zoom readings are a must to experience! Victoria is spot on with her predictions, signs, symbols, and foresight into your future. I have had several readings over the years, and I am a happy returning customer, also sending many referrals. After my experience, I go to no one else for a reading, only Victoria's reading will suffice."

Kelly B.

"I cannot say enough how highly I recommend Victoria! My first session with her was July 2021 and it was amazing! She was SO accurate with so many things--I love that the session was recorded on Zoom because I've watched it back a few times throughout the year and I am in amazement at how accurate her predictions were and the confidence I've had after talking to her! The predictions on my job, fitness, a home project, and my family were so accurate! I had my second session (in) June 2022 and it was even more incredible because my grandma came through!"

Tracey K.

"With all of her insight and vision of the good and challenging things ahead, the very best part of a session with Victoria, for me, is the incredible calm and feeling of utter peace after speaking with her. It has brought me to tears after my sessions how peaceful and unencumbered I feel after our sessions. I appreciate her talents and her insights more than I can put into words. You do not have to know what the problem is and Victoria can show you a path to a better place for you. She is amazing."

"Over the past 13 years, I've had about 4-5 sessions with Victoria, and each time I was amazed at how she homed in on key aspects of my life . . . " "I just can't say enough good things about Victoria, including her sense of humor, intelligence, down-to-earth approach, kind and caring manner, articulate and fun communication style, and accuracy as a psychic. She's the real deal."

Joni S.

Becky S.

"I am sure I have a few memorable predictions from our session but this one in particular changed my life. I was ill for many years and the Drs could not tell me
anything about my medical condition. You (Victoria) told me that a 'man Dr.' would eventually figure out my medical condition and thereafter allow for proper care. A few years in the future, a female Dr. called "Dr. Mann" gave my illness a name. THIS PREDICTION ALWAYS PUTS a big smile on my face. You were spot on with this prediction . . . "

Nicole P.

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"I wasn't sure if I believed in mediums. I had watched them on TV, but had never gone to one before. Victoria Laurie changed my worldview. My late grandmother passed away during COVID, and Victoria was able to describe my grandmother's personality to a T. She hit on major life milestones that my siblings and I went through since then, to indicate that my grandmother's still watching over everything. I'm so grateful for her ability to pass on messages from loved ones."

Christine K.

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