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Hello, Laurie Lovelies!!!


M. J. Holliday here to wish you all a Happy New Year, and also to talk a little shop!  A few months back, Heath, Gilley, and I drove down to Valdosta, Georgia - my hometown - to attend the wedding of my daddy and his new bride, Christine Bigelow, a lovely woman and a perfect fit for Daddy.


The trip was set up to be a nice little hiatus for the three of us, and trust me, after a few years of dodging murder and mayhem, we were all in the mood to have a break from the business of busting some spooky ###.  However, having a laid-back vacation was not exactly the way things unfolded.  Story of my life, right?


Turns out that the old family mansion that Christine had purchased, and had begun renovating, was home to one of the most powerful and deadly demons we'd ever encountered.  Of course, when Christine asked us to look into the haunted old place, she had no idea that we'd soon discover that my own mother - who died when I was eleven - appeared to be mixed up in the disappearance of a little boy last seen forty years earlier at that very mansion and was somehow at the root of the hauntings.  As you've probably guessed, things only got worse from there.


In short order we had our collective assess handed to us a few times by not one, but two nightmarish spooks, intent on sending me across the Rainbow Bridge to hang out with Mama.  What can I say? It was a looooong week.


I'd tell you more, but Victoria Laurie interviewed us right after we got back to Boston, and she has nicely chronicled our exploits for all of you in her new book, No Ghouls Allowed.  You can read all about it beginning tomorrow, January 6th!

One note of caution, however: This tale is freaky scary.  And I can say that because I (barely) lived through it.  You might want to read it with the lights on... and perhaps a fresh pint of Ben and Jerry's at the ready.  Just sayin'.


Hugs, y'all,

M. J.



Romantic Times Reviews:  

"The newest Ghost Hunter adventure from talented and prolific Laurie explores M.J.'s family heritage. The early loss of her mother created a wall between M.J. and her father, but now they have a chance to reconnect --provided the Sandman doesn't get them first! Hang on tight, for Laurie is taking haunted houses to a new level!"



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Dear Laurie Lovelies,


I'm new to the group, but I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Madelyn Fynn - Maddie - and I'm currently attending Poplar Hollow High in Poplar Hollow, New York.  Don't worry if you can't find that on a map; Google doesn't seem to recognize it.


Anyway, ever since I can remember, I've seen the world a little differently.  I can see what no one else can.  When I look at someone - be it somebody standing in front of me, or in a photograph, or on a movie screen - I see a series of digits floating just above his or her brow.  I learned the hard way, after my dad was murdered, that the digits represent the date that person will die.  It's a terrible "talent" to have because in absolutely every face I look at, I see death.  Sometimes the person I'm looking at has far less time than they, or anyone else, might think.  I'm like the Grim Reaper incarnate, and it's awful.


Worse yet, telling someone their date has never had an effect on the numbers.  They've always remained stubbornly fixed, no matter how much warning I give a person, which is a whole other awful thing to have to live with.  If knowing when someone will die won't change anything, then why am I cursed with the ability?  Seriously, what's the point?

Still, Ma and I are trying to make the most of it.  We charge people a little money to tell them their date, and it helps to pay the bills, and maybe it gives them time to get their affairs in order, or to live a more fulfilled life.  Trouble is, Ma is drinking away most of the extra money, and recently a woman came to me asking about her young daughter, who is very, very sick.  I had good news about her daughter.  She'll get better and live a long life ... but the woman's middle son is a whole other story.  His deathdate was yesterday, and now he's gone missing, and the FBI just came to my school and wants to have a word with me. 


Things are about to go very, very bad, I think.


To read what comes next, maybe you'll pick up a copy of When, which comes out next Tuesday, January 13th. In the meantime, if you're intrigued by my ability, maybe you should ask yourself: if someone could tell you your deathdate, would you want to know?


Best wishes,



***Television rights for When have already been optioned by Warner Brothers!


Kirkus Reviews, 
"The tension inexorably mounts as Maddie faces heartbreaking choices. Readers will root for Maddie not only to find the killer, but to gain a little happiness, too. Laurie's debut for teens is quite an accomplishment: Maddie's voice rings true, and her character development is handled well. The character development is just as riveting as the plot in this well-constructed thriller."

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Appointments for Psychic Readings with Victoria - Now Available!


I've always thought that the very best time to get a reading is at the start of the new year. I love looking into the promise that the new year will bring to my clients, and it's always such fun to see which resolutions they'll keep, and which ones they won't. ;)


So, if you're curious about what 2015 has in store for you, click this link to connect to the sign-up page.  Appointments are limited, and they go rather quickly.  If you think you'll want an appointment for the new year, sign up now rather than wait because, as history has taught me, once my new releases hit shelves, I'm usually flooded with bookings, and those January and February sell out fast!

Book Signing at Murder by the Book!


After a year away, I'm SO excited to once again join the amazing staff at Murder by the Book for the dual signing of No Ghouls Allowed and When!


I'll be at MBTB on Saturday, January 17th, starting at 4:00 p.m., and the bookstore itself is located at 2342 Bissonnet Street in Houston.  During the signing, I'll read from one of the books (haven't decided which yet), and do my usual audience psychic reading shtick.  If you buy a book, you'll get a ticket that will give you a chance to ask me a question about something you'd like my intuitive input on. (But you must be at least 18 to ask a question.)  Also, there's a rumor floating around that we'll have a little raffle for some fun door prizes for those folks who purchase both books, so ... fun times ahead!  Come join us if you're in the 'hood. I'd love to see you! J

For more information on this event or one of the many other awesome author events they host, please visit MBTB here.


**If you pre-order an autographed copy of WHEN or N.G.A., you may expect your books to arrive the week of January 19th.  Victoria will be signing all pre-ordered books at MBTB on January 17th.  If you would like Victoria to personally inscribe your copy, please note that in the comments section when you place your order.  International shipping is available, and inquiries for international ordering can be sent via email to

 And look for the next 

Psychic Eye Mystery - Sense of Deception

Coming July 7, 2015

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Available January 7, 2014

Happy Ghoul Year!


Greetings and salutations, my good friends!


Gilley Gillespie here to announce the BRAND NEW RELEASE of the latest, (and greatest) Ghost Hunter Mystery,....drumroll please,....dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum,....(that's enough drumroll!)...The Ghoul Next Door!


As usual, Victoria Laurie has tracked our every move and written down this fiendishly fabulous tale of murder!  Mayhem!  And, men without shirts! 


No...wait...that last part was just the latest Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue I got in the mail.  Lord, mmm, mmm, mmm,....I does loooves me some of that page 6 model....and page 8...and page...wait, what were we talking about?  Oh, yes!  Murder and mayhem!  (Please rest assured; no male models were hurt during the writing of this newsletter.  A few may have been spanked, however, but only if they asked for it.  *wink!*)


ANYghoul, you're probably wondering what we were up to this time around, right?  Well!  It was FREAKING SCARY, y'all!  Like...all-the-lights-on and boyfriend/BFF/Mommy-on-speed-dial kind of FREAKING SCARY!  And I'm just talking about the fact that M. J.'s ex, (Dr. Steven Sable), paid my BFF a visit on a bad hair/wardrobe day! 


Oh, who am I kidding?  For M. J. that's every day.  ;)  (What would that gurl do without me?)


But I digress...turns out Steven is engaged, (cue gasps and dramatic music), and his new fiancée has a brother who's exhibiting all the signs of being possessed by some freak show of a spook!   So, of course Steven came to us for assistance.  (Fool!)


As for me, I wanted no part of this dangerous ghostbust, but we all know how stubborn M. J. can be when there's a friend/ex-boyfriend in need.   Heath wasn't too happy either - for obvious reasons....(you could've gotten high on all the testosterone fumes on this bust.)  But we managed to pull it together for the sake of old friendships, (mental note: check with M. J. to make sure we got hazard pay for this bust.)  I still don't quite know how we managed to stay alive and keep our, really, I haven't read the whole book yet so I still don't know how we managed to stay alive and keep our sanity, so to find out you'll just have to pick up a copy for yourselves!


And to that end, The Ghoul Next Door will be released on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, (can y'all believe it's 2014 already?) but our latest is also available for pre-order now...(hinty, hinty.)  ;)


I'll be sure to send out a second little reminder next week as I know a lot of you are off work and busy with family and such this week, but in the meantime, Happy Hollidays and here's wishing you a glorious New Year!




Houston Area Peeps, I'm coming to see YOU!


Oh, how I MISS my beloved Texas!!!  So much so that I'm traveling south to my faaaaavorite bookstore, Murder By The Book this coming January 11th!  I'll be there from 4:00 p.m.

to close, so please stop by if you're in the area!



And as per usual, I'll be reading from The Ghoul Next Door
and doing audience readings for selected members of the audience!  If you've never been to one of my audience readings, rest assured, it's lighthearted and boy!  Do we have FUN, (usually at your expense, but hey, we're all amongst friends, right?)  ;) 


For more information, please visit Murder By The Book's Web site, and I hope to see you there!


Psychic Readings - Back By Popular Demand!


Hey there, my Laurie Lovelies!  As so many of you have requested that I start up my psychic readings again, I've decided to come out of retirement for a short period of time and book some appointments!  (I've really missed hanging with you guys!)


Anyhoo, I'm opening up my schedule from January through March for some phone sessions, and, because I know many of you are watching your budgets, I've even lowered the price!


Beginning January 16th, I'll be offering half-hour phone sessions for $125, (PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.)  To book your private phone session with me, simply click this link to the sign-up page and follow the directions.  Payment, as always, will be due at the time of booking, and as space is quite limited, if you know you'd definitely like a reading, please sign up right away because these slots won't remain available for long, and depending on my schedule next year, this may be your last chance for a session with me.  (Boo, I know!)  ;)


Also, please double and triple check your information when signing up; we've had mix-ups in the past with wrong phone numbers or missed appointments due to time zone confusion.  There are links on the sign up page to help you with all of that, so please make sure you know exactly what time slot you're purchasing, and that I have the correct number to call you on the date and time of your session.


In the meantime, I look forward to chatting with many of you in the coming weeks!


Hugs, my Lovelies!




A Fatal Fortune...


Whew!  Soooooooooo many of you wrote me after the last Psychic Eye Mystery concerned that

Deadly Forecast

was perhaps the last you'd see of my little Abby Cooper, and I want to make sure you all know that I have maaaaaany more Abster adventures planned! 


In fact, this summer Abby finds herself in trouble once again with the July release of Fatal Fortune!


To give you just a hint of what's in store, Candice - Abby's BFF - has been accused of murdering someone in cold blood.  In fact there's even video of the event - undeniable proof that Candice isn't who she claims to be and in fact could be a mafia hit man?  Hit woman?  Hit person?  Maybe!  Tune in July 1st, 2014 and see!





Available July 2, 2013
Greetings, esteemed wedding guests!
Catherine Cooper-Masters here to welcome you to the wedding of Roland "Dutch" Rivers and his beautiful bride-to-be, Abigail Cooper.
You know I never thought this day would come! Sooooo much has gone into the planning; I'm certain you'll enjoy the ceremony. A few notes of caution, however; please do not attempt to pet the swans. Try not to startle the stallions, and on that note please watch where you step. When the butterflies are released, please hold very still and allow the swarm to move away, and above all, please do not insult the little people dressed as cupids. They're a bit sensitive, and they're armed with bows and arrows. We don't want to send for an ambulance in the middle of the ceremony now do we? Ha, ha! (No, really, we don't want to send for an ambulance, people!)
Also, if anyone has seen the bride, would you be so kind as to get word to me? I'm sure she's just fine, perhaps a few wedding day jitters have led my sister to seek a bit of solitude before she takes that magical walk down the aisle....and the fact that no one has seen her since this morning isn't anythingto worry about, I'm sure!
Still, if you do spot her, call me immediately, won't you? I've got armed guards standing by ready to tackle mean, I've got some dear friends ready to assist her through hair and makeup.
In the meantime, please enjoy the hors d' fact, please hurry and enjoy them as one of the wedding guests, (that short little man who came with M. J. Holliday...Gilley is his name, I believe), appears to be devouring all the amuse-boushe! Oh! That gives me an idea! M. J. is a psychic too, perhaps she can tell me where my sister's gone off to!
Well, I must run and find M. J. and ask her to locate my sister. Again, honored guests, please observe all the notes of caution above...and enjoy the ceremony! Of course, if you're reading this and cannot make it here in time, Victoria Laurie will be documenting the grand affair in her newest book, Deadly Forecast coming out this coming Tuesday, July 2nd! I'm quite certain the event will be a lovely affair and go off without a hitch! I've planned for every contingency, so what could possibly go wrong? :) (Seriously, though, if you see my sister,tackle her and call me!!!!)
Ta, ta! 

Murder by the Book - Book Signing

Saturday, July 6th 4:00pm


Victoria will be returning to the fabulous Murder By The Book Bookstore for the launch party of Deadly Forecast!  If you're in town, stop by to listen to her read from her latest Psychic Eye Mystery!  Victoria will also once again be giving lucky audience members mini psychic readings, so if you have a burning question you'd like to ask her, now's your chance!     


If you would like to pre-order a signed copy please follow these instructions:


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Deadly Forecast on

Hey there, my lovely fans!  Just wanted to take a quick minute to talk to you about the exciting news thatDeadly Forecast will be available for Audible pre-order through one of my very favorite Web sites,!  

I am so crazy about the Audible format; I love listening to books in the car, while I'm out for a run, or after a long day of writing when my eyes are super tired it's just so relaxing to put on my headphones and chill out with a great book.  And I have to say that Elizabeth Michaels - the narrator for the Psychic Eye series does such an amazing job with this book!  I loooove Elizabeth's voice - it's so close to the actual voice of Abby that I hear in my head when I write the series.  She does me proud, yo!  :)

The other thing that's SO cool is this new Whispersync technology - have you guys heard of it?  Basically, if you own a Kindle Fire and have the print book, but might like to try the audio book too, you can switch back and forth between the two formats without ever losing your place!  Freaking technology,'s amazeballs!  ;)
Anyhoo, I've got a few links to share here for the audio books: the first of course is that pre-order link for Deadly Forecast, which is here.   And for those of you who might like to start off with an earlier book, here's the link to to the entire series.
Also, if any of you are thinking now is the time to immerse myself in the audio format, but gee, Victoria, I'm not really sure I'll like it, we're offering a special promo where I have FIVE copies of a promo code for a FREE copy of Deadly Forecast or a FREE copy of Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye available to ten lucky individuals!  What I'm going to ask you to do, if you're interested, is to send an email to this address: with the subject header "PICK ME" and we'll randomly select 10 of you for the promo codes - then, if you would be ever so kind as to write a review on Amazon and/or about how you enjoyed the Audible experience, I'd be most grateful.  And, if you're really feeling energetic, sharing your thoughts about the audio book on my Facebook Fan Page would be OH-so-appreciated!  :)
In the meantime, thanks for being such awesome fans and supporting Abby and M. J. in so many different ways.  Hugs, y'all!  :)

The paperback version of Lethal Outlook is now available!  If you haven't had a chance to catch up with Abby's last adventure, now's your chance!   


Order your signed copy today from Murder By The Book using this link. 

Big news for you YA (young adult) fans!

Victoria's YA debut will be published by Hyperion Books and is set to release late 2014/early 2015. The novel - Death Date- features a new character named Maddie Fynn. Maddie is a 17 year-old with a peculiar psychic ability - she's able to see the exact date people will die, but nothing about how it'll happen. When her town is threatened by a serial killer, Maddie must try to dodge the suspicions of law enforcement and the deadly interest of the killer before her own time runs out.


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Nothing says the Hollidays like a little M. J. under the tree! ;) 

Hello, you wonderful peeps!

mj tree


Gilley Gillespie here to wish you and yours a very Happy

 Holliday, (ha, ha...I'm punny!) and to announce the release of What A Ghoul Wants by Victoria Laurie, available this coming Monday, December 24th, 2012!

As it turns out, what a ghoul actually wants is a little piece of me! (I can't say I blame the ghoulies...I'm simply irresistible in my holiday finest, you know...) M. J. says it's because I emit some sort of special electromagnetic frequency, but I think it may just be my cologne.

Anyghoul, Victoria has been kind enough to document our harrowing encounter in the North of Wales with a particularly pesky poltergeist named, The Grim Widow.  She's a looker that Widow. And by "looker" I mean; she looks a bit like the Grim Reaper in drag. But twice as mean. We're talking oooogley!

The Widow haunts Kidwellah Castle - a castle turned hotel and the latest location shoot for our ghostbusting cable TV show. Obviously Gopher booked the place without consulting me...ahem...and the result was all sorts of chaos. The minute we arrived, guests of the establishment began to turn up dead - drowned in the moat surrounding the castle.

To make matters worse, (because matters like these always end up being made worse,) we discovered a history of this sort of thing at the castle. Those who check in don't always check out. Even after they're dead. In fact, several of these ghosties have been spotted chained to the Widow herself! She seems to be collecting souls like I collect admirers...ahem...ahem...

And speaking of admirers, I may have collected one on this particular adventure that I might actually keep. If he can stay alive that is....

Oh, but I would be remiss if I did not warn you that this particular tale is a
wee bit spooky. So, don't read page 21 alone or in the dark. Or page 43.  Or pages 83 - 88. And especially not pages 116, 121 - 137, 181 - 183, 258 - 272, 283 - 289, or pages 311 - 323!

For those of you who miss Steven, do read the teaser at the very end for the next Ghost Hunter Mystery, The Ghoul Next Door. You'll be glad you did!

Until next time, Happy Hollidays to you and yours, and a Happy New Year too!






For those who love Gilley and all things Gillespie, (Gilleshpie!) here's a list of things that give Gilley the WEIRDS! 

  1. People who don't read the Ghost Hunter Mysteries
  2. Lady bits
  3. Leggings worn as pants (as there's a risk of seeing lady bits)
  4. Baby corn (it's not real corn but it looks like corn...)
  5. Donald Trump's hair (self explanatory...)
  6. Dakota Fanning (she's WAY too young to be THAT smart!)
  7. Movies with animated Talking Animals...Babe, Charlotte's Web
  8. Names like Jyan, Dyafdd, Mykel (spell your names normally, fools!)
  9. Meatloaf (Is it meat? Is it bread? Pick a food group!)
  10. Ghosts (self explanatory...)






Katy Budget Books  281-578-7770

(Katy, TX) Please click this link for location address and details.


Saturday, December 29th, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 


For those of you in the Katy area, come by and pick up your copy of the newest Ghost Hunter Mysteries book. Victoria will be reading from What a Ghoul Wants and do a few psychic readings for the audience as time allows! 




Official Launch Party for What a Ghoul Wants at Murder By The Book!!! 888-424-2842

(Houston, TX) Please click this link for location address and details.



Saturday, December 29th, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Victoria will once again be visiting the fabulous Murder By The Book bookstore!!!  She'll be signing books and treating lucky audience members to mini psychic readings!


And if we needed any more reason to's also Victoria's birthday!  And you know what that means ...hint ... hint...THERE WILL BE CUPCAKES!  (and probably tears...but let's focus on the CUPCAKES!) 


If you can't come down for the party but would still like a signedWhat a Ghoul Wants copy please follow these instructions:


1.) Click the book to the right and select it and any   

       other book(s) you'd like to purchase.


 2.) At the Check Out Screen scroll to the ORDER

      COMMENTS box and fill in your personalized

      inscription details.






book reviews


4 stars

Jill Smith at Romantic Times gives What a Ghoul Wants four stars!

"The Ghoul Getters gang heads back to Europe in the latest installment of Laurie's long-running Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  M.J., Heath and Gilley have faced dangerous spectral threaths oplenty, but this may be more than they can handle!"  "Keep the lights on while reading, for the Grim Widow is one exceptionally vicious and scary ghost!"
Reviewed on 11/04/12  


Publishers Weekly says:

"Laurie nicely balances goofiness and terror in her delightful seventh Ghost Hunter mystery, (after 2011's Ghoul Interrupted). M.J. Holiday, Heath Whitefeather, Gilley Gillespie, and the rest of the investigative team for cable TV's Ghoul Getters explore Wales's haunted Kidwellah Castle, home of the ghostly Grim Widow, who's strong enough to physically grapple with the living and is known for drowning victims in the castle moat. Determined to close the Widow down and free other ghosts the Widow has trapped, as well as expose the living people involved with these murders, M.J. and company dig into the history of the insane Lady Jane and her duke, whose spirit foretells death to those who see him. Romantic developments for M.J and Heath as well as for Gilley and a new beau will please series fans, while newcomers will slip into the story with ease."


(Jan) Reviewed on 11/16/2012



Deadly Forecast

Coming Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deadly Forecast

It's said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but Abby sees something darker than storm clouds on the horizon. She's just had a disturbing premonition of her fiancé's murder. Her husband-to-be has been assigned to a case involving a series of suicide bombings, and Abby's spirit guides warn her of imminent danger.


FBI agent Dutch Rivers is keeping his cool, but Abby can't quell her anxiety. After another suicide bombing at a local beauty salon, Abby vows to do everything in her power to keep Dutch safe and get him to the altar. But on the morning of the ceremony, she finds herself in a dire situation with time running out... 



Did you know that Abby and M.J. are also available on audio?
 A Vision of Murder: Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 3 (Unabridged) Killer Insight: Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Deadly Forecast  Check on July 2nd, 2013 for availability.

What a Ghouls Wants  Check on December 24th, 2012 for availability.



A Note About The Oracles of Delphi Keep Series
Hey, my wonderful fans! So, I have some not so great news to share with fans of the Oracles' publisher has decided not to move forward with a 4th and final book. I'm so, so sorry.  I would like to thank everyone who supported the series - your kindness and generosity have been most appreciated, and I'm truly, truly grateful! :)
Oracles Bookshelf

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Lethal Outlook 

 Hello, you fabulous, fans!

Abby Cooper here to share news of my latest and greatest adventure with you! 
Victoria Laurie has once again written it all down for you in her newest book
release Lethal Outlook which comes out Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, so you'll be able to get the full scoop then.  :)


Still, I know you guys might be curious, so I'll tell you that since my "accident," (if
you call, falling-out-of-a-plane-without-a-parachute an "accident",) I've been
working on my recovery and getting ready for that walk, (hobble/limp/gimp) down
the aisle in a few weeks where Dutch and I will finally, (hopefully) become man
and wife, (ending our long run of living in sin.) 


Speaking of the wedding, my sister has been hard at work, (driving me crazy!!!) planning our nuptials, and Dave has been hard at work, (driving me even more crazy!!!) building our dream home and I've been hard at work, (avoiding all of
that,) on a case involving the missing mother of a toddler who disappeared without a trace from her home in the middle of the afternoon.  The case was brought to me by a mysterious client who refused to give her real name and took great pains to disguise her appearance but one thing was clear from our meeting; she had a personal connection to the woman's abductor and was living in fear because of what she knew. 


My BFF Candice is once again playing the role of (Danica Patrick race car driver,)
sidekick on this investigation and we're determined to find out what actually
happened to the young woman, (if it kills us...dunt, dunt, duh!!!)

For more of my hijinks, please check out Victoria's book next Tuesday, and thanks -
as always for being such awesome fans!!!


Huge hugs,



Bellaire Library

Bellaire, TX

Saturday, July 7th

 Quest for the Secret KeeperThe Bellaire Library in Bellaire, Texas will be hosting a children's event featuring Victoria at 1:30 p.m.
She'll be reading from the Oracles of Delphi Keep
series and hanging out with the kiddos! Please check out
this link for location address and further details!


Murder by the Book

Houston, TX

Saturday July 7th at 4:30 p.m.

Please check out this link for location address and further details.

 If you don't live in the Houston area and would still like a signed copy please follow these instructions:


1.) Click the book below and select it and any other book(s) you'd

      like to purchase.

2.) At the Check Out Screen scroll to the ORDER COMMENTS box

      and fill in your personalized inscription details.

Lethal Outlook

Mysterious Galaxy

San Diego & Redondo Beach California


*San Diego -  July 12th 7:00 p.m.

Wine, appetizer, and psychic reading event.  Reservation required.  Please click here for detials about reserving your spot.


*Redondo Beach -
July 13th 11:30 a.m.

Ladies, Lunch, Psychic Readings, and Literacy! 
Reservation required.  Please click here for details about reserving your spot.


Book People

Austin, TX

July 26th at 7:00 p.m.
Book signing and audience psychic reading event.  Click here for location address and details.
Book Spot

Round Rock,TX

July 28th 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Book signing and audience psychic reading event.  Click here for location address and details.

Victoria also recommends these books for your summer reading pleasure:

In a Witch's Wardrobe
By Juliet Blackwell



No way No Way to Kill a Lady
By Nancy Martin

And for those of you brave souls who would like a deliciously spooky read, Victoria is
recommending her dear friend, Jackie Barrett's intense, chilling page-turner,
The Devil I Know.  Read this one with the lights on peeps!  :)  Available August 7th, 2012

The Devil I Know: My Haunting Journey with Ronnie DeFeo and the True Story of the Amityville Murders  



top secret with gun 


Vision Impossible Cover

jULY 5

To Whom It May Concern:


If you're reading this letter, it's quite likely that I, Abigail Cooper, did not make it back alive. 


Back from where, you ask?  Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you...  Bwahahahahahaha!!!  That never gets old!


No, seriously, it's top secret.  Completely classified.  My lips are sealed.  You'd have to torture me for days and days just to get me to give up my name, rank, and serial number...


Pause...  Pause....  FINE!  I'll tell you!


Recently, my fiancé Dutch and I were recruited by the CIA to go deep undercover on a foreign espionage mission to recover a missing drone stolen from a military base in Nevada.  The drone was a prototype armed with a brand new surveillance system able to pinpoint and target an individual's unique aura from half a mile in the sky.  In other words, it's a system that could locate, target and take out any known terrorist the moment they stepped outside, day or night.  On the downside, losing it meant that it could be used to take out our president or our allies as well, which is what made this mission to recover the drone so crucial.


To that end, Dutch and I were assigned new secret identities - he got slick arms dealer, I got slick arms dealer's flouncy bimbo girlfriend...figures, right?  Anyway, within the first 24 hours of our mission we were thrust into dealing with the Chechen mob, dodging an assassination attempt, working a series of dangerous arms deals, trying hard not to get kidnapped, and exposing an illegal gambling ring.  And if you think that's bad, you should have seen what happened the day after that!


I'd tell you all about here, but it's quite a story, full of twists and turns so I've sent back daily reports to Victoria Laurie who has written it all down and documented it in her new book, Vision Impossilbe out July 5th - just in time for your week at the beach!  Or, if you're like me, a week in the backyard with an inflatable pool, a cooler full of cold beer, and hot dogs on the grill.  Staycation, anyone?


Regardless, I hope you're all having a marvelous summer and we'll chat again next year around this time when I'm sure I'll be up to my earlobes in hijinks and bad guys because, these days, that's just how I roll, yo.  ;)




Abby Cooper

Psychic Eye turned Psychic Spy



Video Interview with Victoria!

Vision Impossible, Victoria Laurie -9780451234063
Vision Impossible, Victoria Laurie -9780451234063




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Top o' the mornin' to ya!
Gilley Gillespie here, checking in from Ireland...home 

of foul weather, delicious pastries, and one freaky phantom!
Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  M. J. wanted 

me to tell you a little about our latest adventure, but I don't know why she picks me for this detail...she knows that talking about this stuff makes me anxious, which causes a dangerous dip in my blood sugar.  

It's a serious medical condition, actually.  (Does anybody have a candy bar?)
Anyway, a few weeks ago, our producer, Peter Gophner decided it might be a good idea to send the Ghoul Getters' team to this remote castle built on top 

of this tiny island, accessible only by a causeway, traversable only during low tides.  Complicated 

enough for ya?  (Seriously folks...anyone got a Snickers bar or a Milky Way...anybody?  Anybody?)
Why would we agree to this kind of a tricky ghost 

bust, you ask?  Well, because the castle is said to be the home of hidden treasure - millions of dollars 

worth of gold bullion, which we'd get to keep if we found it.  The problem?  The treasure is guarded by 

an eight-foot tall phantom reputed to get its jollies by throwing treasure seekers off the sides of the cliffs!  (Christmas candy?  Chanukah chocolate?)
At the start of the bust, the team thought M. J. and Heath could totally handle the phantom, but we found out real quick that we were way wrong.  (Bite-sized Butterfinger? Kit-Kat?  M&M?!!!)  To make matters worse, right after we entered the castle we started 

losing members of our own team!  (Breath mint?  

Tic-tac?  Linty piece of broken candy cane at the bottom of your purse?!!!)
Seriously, this was hands down the freakiest bust 

we've been on so far, and I would stick around to tell you more, but as none of you are giving up the sugar, I must leave you to go forage for some on my own!
If you still want to know more, you can get the full story by picking up a copy of Ghouls, Ghouls, 

Ghouls Tuesday, December 28th!
Hugs and Happy Holidays!
Gilley Gillespie


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Good morning,
Ian Wigby here.  I've come through the portal to tell you a bit about our search for the third Oracle as told by Miss Victoria Laurie in the novel, The Curse of Deadman's Forest - her second book in the Oracles of Delphi Keep series.
As I'm stepping forward in time to send you this message, for us back at Delphi Keep it's late summer 1939.  My best mate, Carl, and I are attempting to decipher the riddle of the second prophecy written by the great Phoenician Oracle, Laodamia.  Within the prophecy, Laodamia hints that the time to venture back through the portal is at hand, and once we embark on our quest, we're to search for a healer who will become the third Oracle within our small band of orphans, working to fight the evil forces of the underworld god, Demogorgon.
Laodamia has warned us, however, that our journey will not be without danger.  She hints of the curse said to roam the forest where the healer resides.  A curse that has claimed many lives and will surely threaten ours.
The sorcerer Magus the Black is also using his dark magic against us, and now we know he's been joined not only by his evil sibling, Caphiera the Cold, but also their frightful sister, Atroposa the Terrible.  
How does it all end, you ask?  Well, I'd dearly like to share more, but I'm afraid I must get back to the keep.  To discover how it all unfolds, I hope you'll pick up a copy of The Curse of Deadman's Forest when it's released this coming Tuesday, August 24th!  
All best,
Ian Wigby
This newsletter was sent to registered recipients of Victoria's e-newsletter on June 30, 2010.  
Hello my friends and fans!

Abby Cooper here to tell you a bit about my first spring here in Austin. 
I wish I could say it was an easy transition, but it's me we're talking about....which means it's never easy!  
As you know, my S.O. and I were planning to transfer from our lovely home in Royal Oak, Michigan to Austin, Texas last winter.  Things got slightly delayed but we finally made it down here April 1st.  Yep, that's right...we landed on April Fools' Day.  Ah...the irony.  :)

So, Dutch and I hit the ground running at our new jobs within the FBI's 
Cold Case Division, which is fitting given the rather frigid welcome I received from the other investigators....ahem!

Anyhoodle, as I used my radar to help the squad pull fresh leads from cold cases, my partner and good friend Candice decided she was long overdue for a meltdown, and she and Brice did their on-again/off-again thing with reckless abandon, driving the rest of us straight to Crazy Town.  

To make matters worse, I got suspended.  SUSPENDED!  I mean, seriously, you have one lousy shootout with a bad guy your third day on the job and the Bureau needs you to take a little paid leave while they investigate whether or not your killing a man was all "justified" and such...those FBI boys and their pesky protocols....sheesh!

After that...well...things REALLY got interesting.  But you can probably read all about that on July 6th when A Glimpse of Evil is released.  

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a fabulous summer!  I'm off to cook Dutch dinner....and yes, I have the local fire station's number on speed dial!  Hmmm....maybe I should just order us some pizza?  :)