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1)  DEADLY FORECAST really starts off with a bang. In the opening scene the protagonist, Abby, wakes up with a bomb strapped to her chest. How long did you have that scene in mind for the novel? And how do you usually create the opening scenes in your books? Are they the last thing you figure out? The first? 

I’ve been toying with the idea of that opening scene for at least three years. I always knew that Abby and Dutch were going to end up walking down the aisle together, and it was simply too tempting a backdrop not to mess with, know what I mean? There may also be a hint of my subconscious opinion about getting hitched mixed in there too...READ MORE
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I've been a big fan of Victoria Laurie for quite awhile - started with the Abby Cooper "Psychic Eye" series and then graduated over to the "Ghost Hunter" series, so it's quite a thrill for me, in keeping with our "character interviews"  to interview Victoria Laurie's original psychic sleuth, Abby Cooper, today!

For those readers not familiar with the fabulously talented Victoria Laurie:

Victoria Laurie is the New York Times Bestselling author of over twenty books.  With two series in full swing, Victoria divides her time between The Psychic Eye Mysteries and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  As a professional psychic herself, Victoria knows all too well the tricky world of the paranormal in which her protagonists psychic Abby Cooper, and spiritual medium M. J. Holliday tackle murder, mayhem, and the occasional demon with plenty of plucky humor and determination.  You may find Victoria on the web at

And my hotseat...ABBY COOPER HERSELF!

R)  Good Morning, Abby. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Good morning, ROCCO!  (waves)  Thanks for being so patient with's been a busy year!  Anyhoo, I'm a professional psychic currently living in Austin, TX.  Originally I'm from a small city in Michigan called Royal Oak, and I only moved to Texas when my fiancé Dutch...READ MORE

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Thanks For Allowing Me To Torture You

It’s release week, release week, release week!  Whooop!  I loooove release week!  My lat­est Pyschic Eye Mys­tery, DEADLY FORECAST, debuts Tues­day, July 2nd and I’m ood­ley excited about it.  It is the wed­ding book after all.

For the past ten years I’ve nur­tured the rela­tion­ship between Abby and Dutch and at last their wed­ding day has arrived!  They’ll exchange vows, and it’ll be all happily-ever-after…unless they don’t sur­vive long enough to make it down the aisle…  The story opens with Abby wak­ing up from an uncon­scious state strapped to a tick­ing bomb so it could go either way.

Tick…tick…tick…READ MORE